Harvey Weinstein: The Back Story

You know the story: The New York Times last week broke the story of Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein’s long record of sexual harassment. This had been going on for thirty years or more.  How could no one know the story? But of course people knew about Harvey Weinstein. Like the New York Times, for instance.… Read More

Thank You, Google

Google engineer James Damore wrote a ten-page memo (PDF), titled “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.”  Google fired him. You know all about the contents already.  To make a long story short, he suggests… …that biological differences could help explain the gender gap in tech employment in Silicon Valley, and criticized Google’s policy of silencing discussion on… Read More

Mises on Immigration and Nation

Joe Salerno has written an excellent essay, describing the perspective of Ludwig von Mises on the inter-related subjects of political borders, immigration, and nation.  Further, Salerno offers clarity on Mises’s view of liberalism – and it isn’t classical liberalism as generally described.  The entire piece is worth at least two reads; I will here offer… Read More

Rothbard on Trump

Didn’t think it was possible, did you? A Strategy for the Right, first published in 1992 in the Rothbard-Rockwell Report, it is the opening chapter in a compilation of Rothbard’s essays, entitled “The Irrepressible Rothbard.” What I call the Old Right is suddenly back! Rothbard felt the proper home for libertarians was with the right… Read More

The Logical Inconsistency of Open Borders…

…for libertarians… Jacob Hornberger has written a new post on open borders.  Several months ago I went on a back-and-forth exchange with him on this topic.  I found it a most frustrating experience, as he would either ignore or misrepresent my positions (for those interested, I offer the running dialogue, in order: here, here, here,… Read More

Apparently Some Confusion?

A question was asked of Walter Block; the bulk of the question regards something written by me! He [that would be me!] makes the following claim: A common culture – and a culture beyond merely the NAP – is necessary if we are ever to move closer to a libertarian society. Asks the rhetorical: What… Read More

The Enemy is Always the State…

…and the state’s enemy is a well-grounded and life-sustaining common culture. Notes Towards the Definition of Capitalist Culture, By Terry Hulsey I was asked by a long-time online friend to comment on this post by Hulsey.  A worthwhile read – every time I went through it I found another gem.  I hope I do it a bit… Read More

Clinton’s Hell

Today is the day – fifteen years ago and all that. What does presidential candidate Hillary Clinton have to say about it? “I remember one image so indelibly, [a firefighter] dragging his ax, and it was as close to depiction of hell that I’ve ever personally seen.” Spend in week in one of the hells… Read More