Only Individuals Can Be Victims

Crimes are those actions which have as their victims actual individual human beings. There is no abstract “crime against society” as the Progressives want you to think; nor is there a “crime against the state” as fascists want you to think. Rather, a crime is something which actually aggresses the person or property of another individual specific.

In this way, actual justice has to do with crimes and there is no such thing as “social justice,” much to the disdain of the socialists, left-libertarians, progressive Christians, and so on. Any crime which, say, aggresses hundreds of people is a “crime against many individuals,” not a “social crime.” Society has no rights, for society is not a thing in itself. We must speak in terms of the individual, lest collectivism creep in unannounced.

With this understanding, we also eradicate the guilt-manipulative thinking of modern Progressives who seek to make certain classes of people feel bad for the treatment of other classes of people, decades or even centuries in the past. Individuals today, of course, are not responsible for the treatment of victims in the past. The state is attracted to deviations from the true nature of criminality and justice because, besides its own systematic deviation from the nature of justice, it also understands that it can leverage for its own power the class conflict created by distortions in justice theory.

  • John Howard

    Only individuals can be perpetrators. The habit of speaking of the “State” as having actions, motives, needs is mistaken. If we are to have justice, we must hold each individual responsible for that individual’s actions, and avoid speaking of collectives such as the gang called government or state as if groups were objects and not mere mental collections.

    Thus, all of the evils that are blamed on the State, I blame on the individual gunslingers that are the actors of the state. I entirely blame ALL government evil on cops and soldiers. I blame nothing on philosophers or politicians or professors or economists or bureaucrats or ‘intellectuals’. I only praise or criticize them as thinkers.

    Evil laws are harmless until evil men enforce them.

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