Rubin Ragequits

Rubin Ragequits

The insufferable neocon Jennifer Rubin has “ragequit” on the word “conservative.” She writes:

Delightful. The problem is, as Jeff Deist points out, that Rubin not only is the opposite of a classical liberal, she is not even a Conservative.

Ms. Rubin’s use of the term “classical liberal” is especially galling given her neconservative worldview. Ms. Charen and other neoconservatives define liberalism as a set of pre-approved political and cultural precepts, not as a conception of restrained government. They accept, and encourage, a strong and activist state: one that provides a robust safety net, relies on unchallenged central banking, insists on uniform social and cultural norms, allows only regulated capitalism, and most of all advances an unrestrained role for US military forces across the globe. This is grandiose government on a worldwide scale, with an entitlement state to keep the masses placated at home and an empire to keep the uncooperative world subdued.

Her outlook on the world is Progressive, she’s a centralist, an opponent of decentralization and the Old Liberal idea of self-determination. For the true conservative, political structures must be local, family-oriented, and with deep suspicion of political centralization. Rubin is not a conservative.

Trump, however, who motivates the most hilarious neoconservative emotional outrages, appeals to a base that is closer– though certainly far from perfect– to the conservative sentiment. Trump himself is a tried and true New York liberal, but he appeals to a base that sits on the brink of mental revolution against the establishment.

And that’s what Rubin hates. She’s being pushed aside and she takes it out on Trump. And in the process continues the assault on the English language.

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