First they came for the conspiracy theorists

Alex Jones is one strike away from complete YouTube ban. He’s questioning– as is his brand– the official narrative on the Florida shooting.

Agree with Alex or not, it seems quite obvious that the allegedly altruistic attempt to silence the conspiracy theorists is merely an easy way to gain traction on silencing dissenters. Maybe you agree with Jones, maybe you think he’s insane and a negative influence. But who gets to define conspiracy? I get and agree with the fact that YouTube, despite their obvious coziness with the Regime, is a private company and can set their own standards. However, it’s also true that they should be criticized for supporting the government-backed effort to act as a Ministry of Truth.

This whole post-shooting narrative is, once again, an attempt to clamp down on people’s right to purchase arms. And that is where the state’s interest lies. Dissenters get in the way of the narrative.