Data Gathering: Facebook and the State

>Voluntarily uploads information to Facebook.
>OMG how did Facebook get my information.
>Consents to user agreement
>OMG why is Facebook giving my information to ad companies.

Personally, I don’t mind the ads that are displayed to me. They bring to my attention new goods and products based on my interests that I had never heard of before. I’ve, in the past, purchased a few things. My life is better because of this.

The real legal menace is that the FedGov involves itself in this data, monitoring and leveraging it for its own advantage, allegedly for national security but more realistically for pure and unfettered domination over all the world.

The Zuck is of course a shill for the State, a willing participant in his master’s lust for omniscience. But these specific wrongdoings are not currently being reviewed; this is because they are a breach of natural law, not the law under which the Spy State operates.

The solution is to pursue a separate of data and state, but the current hoopla is about the state initiating a power-grab to further its reach into the data accumulation and management business. Mark my words: the result of all this is going to be the Federal Government, as always, “doing something about it.” Busy governments are never a good thing. They should go play more golf.

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