We accept Bitcoin now, because we are trying to be forward looking (as we print physical magazines LOL). We accept Bitcoin for both one-time site contributions, because we understand the extent to which you believe in our project, and for subscriptions to the Magazine itself. AustroLibertarian.com/Support has the necessary Bitcoin address information. Any other questions can be done at AustroLibertarian.com/Contact. We will expand our crypto support in the near future, but we had a lot of requests for this so we panicked and threw it up there like the desperate weirdos we are.

Also! Your buddy called. He wants a subscription. No, not for Christmas– that’s too far away. For his birthday, which is tomorrow. You forgot didn’t you? Well that’s why we’re here to remind you. At AustroLibertarian.com/Magazine there are gift subscription options so you can be the freak who buys people libertarian magazines (but secretly you’ll be more popular than Ferris Bueller).

What else? Oh yes. I was on Tom Woods’ Show and Bob Murphy republished our conversation as well. In the same day. What are the odds (if you can answer this you get a lifetime subscription)?

Finally, my article on the Memification of Hans Hoppe got a ton of shares and Brent Ancap, a popular Hoppe memer, responded in favor of my thoughts. It was a good response, a solid reflection, and we both hope it does good. You can credit us if we all wake up in Libertarian Paradise tomorrow. If not, blame Nick Sarwark.

That’s all for now. Now get back to your libertarianing.

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