I commented on a Wall Street Journal article which was about the fact that Apple Music subscribers were set to surpass Spotify subscribers in the US. Seeing the number of anti-Apple leftists commenting, and having a couple minutes to spare, I laid the bait:

I love Apple in every way. Can’t get enough of their products. This news makes sense.

First response, by some guy in a fedora:

You are their perfect customer.

He took it. I went in for the kill, armed with an actual understanding of praxeological economics:

I am indeed. And they are my perfect producer. It’s a great relationship.

He was mad:

You do realize they just want your money, right?

Again, I’ve thought about the nature of exchanges for more than 60 seconds in my life, so my response was simple:

I do. They work hard to get that money. They pour billions into research, development, transportation, and so on just to satisfy me. I’m honored tbh [to be honest]. In any case, you realize that I want their devices more than the money they receive from me right? Perhaps you think I took advantage of them?

No response from Dr. Fedora.

Round two was less exciting. The commenter, this one not wearing a Fedora, thought this was a worthy response:

You’re a sheep.

What is meant by this, presumably, is that I do not think when I walk robot-like to the store to purchase a new Apple device. Au contraire! I am a rational agent, a decision maker, who determines whether I value Apple products over a specific number of dollars, in light of all my other values, plans, and financial commitments. These lefties, apparently, deny human beings their very human nature in making loud proclamations about the motivations of man.

In any case, I responded with this:

[Laughing emoji]. You guys act like I don’t enjoy their products out of my own will and because they gratify me.

Wish I got more responses. But that was it.

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