Earlier this year, I wrote:

Crimes are those actions which have as their victims actual individual human beings. There is no abstract “crime against society” as the Progressives want you to think; nor is there a “crime against the state” as fascists want you to think. Rather, a crime is something which actually aggresses the person or property of one’s neighbor.

In this way, actual justice has to do with crimes and there is no such thing as “social justice,” much to the disdain of the socialist or liberal Christian. Any crime which aggresses hundreds of people is a “crime against many individuals,” not a “social crime.” Society has no rights, for society is not a thing in itself. We must speak in terms of the individual, lest collectivism creep in unannounced.

Let’s push this further. There have in recent years been efforts to pursue “racial reconciliation.” But reconciliation, since it relies on individuals agreeing to restore friendly relationships with others, can only take place on an individual basis. Agitating for racial reconciliation makes one guilty of holding animosity against others on the simple basis that one belongs to a specific race. This is absurd. Only individuals think. Only individuals act. Only individuals are guilty or innocent. Only individuals are moral agents.

Rather than “racial reconciliation,” we need to realize that reconciliation, like crime, takes place between individuals. Only individuals can be said to be in need of reconciliation. And therefore, by good and necessary consequence, there are also individuals who are not in need of reconciliation on racial issues. By refusing to adopt a collectivist paradigm, we free many individuals from the guilt manipulation rampant in our world of cultural leftism. And we therefore yank the carpet upon which the social authoritarians stand.

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